Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stuff I Got For Christmas.

I'm always conflicted when it comes to digital. The iPod has made it all too easy to carry an entire library of music everywhere. As far as I know, it's still allowed on airplanes, even transatlantic flights. My New Year's resolution a couple of years ago was to abstain from buying any digital music for a year, and was consecrated in blood with my friend David. I bought only vinyl only with a preference for new albums that came with a free mp3 download (legal under the guidelines of our pact since we were actually paying for the record and getting a download for free). Since then, I've only bought a few CD's and fewer records. A large part of it has to do with me being broke as I am unable to afford luxuries these days. Such is the life of a student at a major public university. Nonetheless, I have downloaded more albums in the past year than I had ever downloaded in my entire life. They are considerably less expensive and I decided after my last move that the last thing I need is another object that will need to be packed up in a box and carried up and down flights of stairs. As impure as I feel digital is (and I wouldn't even call myself an audiophile, I just like having an actual object after buying something) there are times when I feel convenience trumps reality such as when your favorite band gives away their new album for free via download, or when your brother gives you a christmas gift.

Decibully finally released their album World Travels Fast just in time for the holidays. The best part is, they released it for free on the internet. A high-quality vinyl version is also available for purchase for a very reasonable price. Go here: http://store.listeningpartyrecords.com/album/world-travels-fast-2

Not only is the album free, but it is easily my favorite album of 2009 and one of my favorites of the decade. Decibully is everything I want a band to be, especially when there are as many as 9 guys up on stage. You can tell that their music has soul in a world where soul has gone the way of betamax.

my brother gave me an iTunes gift card for christmas. At first I was unsure what to do with it as it was merely a link in an email. Fortunately for me, clicking the link was all that was required of me. One note on shopping the iTunes store: It's not the same as shopping at a record store. If you're browsing, it's a real pain because you have a load of sub genres so you have to guess which one an artist you might be interested would be under. I was surprised to see the Boss listed under the "singer songwriter" sub genre.

Anyway, I was able to get a bunch for not a lot of money. I think I made some good picks.

Unwed Sailor "little wars"
Jack PeƱate "everything is new"
Lassie Foundation "three wheels" ep
A Tribe Called Quest "anthology"