Saturday, August 10, 2013

Home Address for Civil War

I haven't seen much of Adam since he put a cigarette out on my arm, but that's not because I hold anything against him. I'm happy that he's still doing music. I've always thought that he had one of the most amazing voices and it's also a lot more versatile than how he uses it. What's more is that he has the ability to willfully trim the fat so that even his most bombastic projects don't sound like something that has gotten out of control. 

Adam and his Sleeveless wife have been zipping around the country for the past couple of years playing music and wooing hearts. Even having a baby only slowed them down a little bit because they had to change it's diapers. Assembling a proper band, they call themselves Eros and the Eschaton, but I'll probably call them Adam and Katey's band because I think I know how to pronounce that easier. 

 Their songs range from delicate nu-indie synth charms like You know I Do all the way up to face melting feedback anthems and even the wonderful pop haven that rents space somewhere in between. 

 I'm looking forward to their album that drops August 17.