Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best American Song Ever

I'm going to start compiling a list of songs in search of the Greatest American Song of all freaking time (233 years). The basic criteria is that the person that wrote the song is/was a native born American and not someone who became a citizen later on. The song does not need to be patriotic, although Americans do tend to get overtly sentimental when paying homage to our country through song.

This is an open call to everyone and anyone to submit specific songs they would like to have considered for the Greatest American Song of all 233 years that America has been around.

If I had to pick one today, it'd probably be a Bruce Springsteen song, but I don't want to name it lest it influence submissions.

1 comment:

  1. Blue Moon
    Singing in the Rain
    This Land is Your Land - Guthrie
    Blowin' in the Wind/The Times They are a Changing - Dylan
    Born to Run/Thunder Road - Springsteen
    Sweet Jane - velvet underground
    Once in a Lifetime - talking heads
    In the Mood
    Good Vibrations - beach boys
    Can't Hardly Wait/Achin' to Be - The Replacements
    Down Boys - Warrant
    Knights of the Bright Side - We Became Actors
    All the Wine - The National
    I Would Die 4 U - Prince
    The Re-Arranger - Mates of State
    Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond ... no, wait
    the Turn on your Heartlight one from E.T.

    all the other good ones, you know. many of the best are not American, though.