Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weekend Travels Fast

Amber surprised me with a trip to Milwaukee to see one of my favorites, Decibully, play at the Cactus Club with Minneapolis hipster darlings, Lookbook. Amber is the awesomest.

Decibully embodies everything I love about music and their set Saturday night did not disappoint. I found myself helplessly grinning at merely being in the room under the circumstances I was in. They opened with a new song that Aaron tells me is going on a split 7" with another, as yet unknown, Milwaukee band. At first I thought the new song might be a Bengals cover, but I guess it was original material. I was even reduced to audience participation durning Megan & Magill, clapping my hands like it was my job. And I'd like to think that, for that night, it was. Other highlights included the wall of beautiful sound that was Live By the Lake, and the R&B groove during Weakest Kind of Heart. However, the best was seeing Aaron play drums on this song, also an apparent new one.

Lookbook is always a source of contention with me. I like their music and they put on a fun show, but something about them puts me on edge. I don't know what it is and I'm confident that it is a feeling exclusive to my own self. If anyone reads this and gets the chance, check them out on myspace and catch them if they play in your town.
In short: I'll be your boyfriend for a chance to see Decibully.

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