Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We're Guards!

Yesterday afternoon I got to wondering when Starflyer 59 might be putting out a new record. I try to check in at the band website regularly but it hasn't changed in the past 2 years (an announcement that Dial M is coming out October 28, 2008). One Tuesday I just happened to go to the bands myspace page, which appears to be updated more frequently than their website, to be greeted by the announcement that the new album, Changing of the Guard, will be released today.

Upon first listen, it is a strong album. It sounds akin to Dial M, but darker and more haunted. Even the more peppy sounding songs are juxtaposed with very dark lyrics. J. Martin's vocals also seemed to be pushed back in the mix much more than the past few releases, calling to mind 1980's Brit-pop. Indeed, songs such as "I had a Song for the Ages" sounds like it could be a latter day Smiths song (sans the Morrisey vocals).

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