Sunday, April 3, 2011

Be A Man

You know how it's a thing now to insert some kind of peripherally masculine word inside another word to make it juvenilely more masculine? "Bromance", "Manscape", even one of my favorites: "Bro-out" are popular with the young kids. I was thinking about coining one of my own and I first thought of something like, "Girls think I'm attractive because of my GUY LASHES," but it didn't have the zing I was hoping for.

Then I came up with "Va-Guy-na". It's basically a MAN-gina, but I changed it so it's totally my own. "I pleasure the ladies with my large va-guy-na". No? Fair enough.

How about "Man-iscule"? It could mean something like a short dude or something.

Maybe "Oni-MAN-opia", a dude that looks the same forwards and backwards. Or maybe wears all of his close backwards?

Anyway, I can't sleep. Inso-MAN-ia.



  1. Come over and drink with me, man!

  2. also--being a "short dude"--I don't know how I feel about "Man-iscule."

  3. wouldn't Oni-Man-opia be a man who looks the same as he sounds?

  4. Angie: Yes. As you might suspect, I had been drinking and and was tired. You got what I was trying to say, it looks like I combined Oni-MAN-opia with Pal-MAN-drom.