Monday, April 2, 2012


Walrus Audio has been doing their thang for less than a year and already have four (what I presume to be) dope-ass pedals available for the discriminating guitarist. I've been in love with their Voyager pedal since day 1 and once I stop being so poor, I plan on asking one to join my pedal board even if it is far too big for someone that isn't even in a band.

I first heard about these guys through a long-time favorite band called Unwed Sailor, that posted a video of them using the pedal at a show I went to in St. Paul with my friend Big Michael. I'm a stooge for guitar effects so I naturally looked into Walrus Audio's operation. On top of their pedal line, they do repairs and mods for several pedals at competitive rates. I had my DL4 modded by them, only to realize later that it was somehow broken and haven't been able to figure out (afford) how to get it fixed yet.

Brady Smith is one hell of a nice guy that seems to like Fender's oblong-shaped guitars as much as I do.

On top of producing some seriously good looking and sounding pedals, Walrus Audio is keeping the starving artist in mind with semi-regular pedal give-away contests. Although I have personally lost this contest at least 6 times already, I am totally stoked for the winners. The pedals are so freaking awesome that it's hard not to be happy for somebody that wins one of them. The company seems to attract a rather non-douchy clientele, so it's like having a friend that you just haven't met yet win. You're totally happy for them.

This week they are giving away a 4-knob compressor pedal. I don't know how to effectively use one, but I can only hope that the winner does. Here's to the winner, and here's to Walrus Audio! DON'T MISS IT!

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