Monday, August 6, 2012

Two Lines

"On my side of things, you used me up.  I traded a fuck for what I thought were feelings".

This is my favorite song from the few Decibully tracks that have accompanying videos.  It's not the first song I heard from the album, and I always like it when bands have the balls to place their single so deep into the album that by the time you get to it, you've already heard a half dozen other songs that could have been singles too.  

"Somewhere in the World" opens with an exceptional dueling guitar intro and a rocking drum fill that consists of only three total drums even though it sounds like a 16-piece Rush kit.  

This songs, and, indeed, most of the album, highlights the balancing act of noise that Decibully so expertly mastered in their years together.

The quote used above is the first couple of lines of the song.  They absolutely tear me up, especially after a messy break up. And the way that the song ends, with a broken whisper rather than a bombastic smash, completely conveys the song of a used-up broken heart.  

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