Monday, July 29, 2013

Band Names I Just Came Up With

I may have been drinking:*

The Benefit Concerts
The Nine Ten Does
Sushi Surprise
The Local Celebrities 
The Geographic Oddities 
Bed Knobs and Boom Sticks
Derrick Brown and His Ex-Girlfriends
Lazy River Jordans
Flat Tires
Spare Tires
The Other Spare Tires
Dog Ear and Camel Toe
Premature and The Ejaculations 
Priest Victim
Black Folks
Capitalist's Daughter
The Nether Regions
Hogwarts Remover
The Because I'm Whites
The Leftover Pizzas 
Circumcised Gentiles

Drunk Uncle's Niece
Native Americans Everywhere
Charm School
The Desmond Tattoos

*No, that wasn't one of the band names.

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