Tuesday, February 4, 2014


One Generic Podcast is underway! We're still building the website, which means that episodes could be a little out of date by the time they get posted.

We recorded episode 2 while watching the first half of the Super Bowl. As Mike put it, "I'm glad that the game sucked so we could keep talking about Phillip Seymour Hoffman."

We've only been using one microphone to record so far; an AKG c214. It sounds decent enough, but I think everyone speaking should have their own microphone. I said "everyone speaking" because ideally, we'll get friends to come chat with us most episodes to generate interest and to avoid the inevitable boredom that will come from listening to Mike and I talking to ourselves all the time.

I’ve also started sending out feelers to gauge interest in the possibility of expanding to other, more content specific podcasts. I think Sarah’s website could be developed into an awesome podcast.

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