Thursday, July 22, 2010

Consider This

Rainer Maria was the best woman-fronted rock and roll band since EVER; yes, even better than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. A comparison: Caithlin De Marrais is a much stronger singer than Karen O, and never had to dress like a $5 hooker trying to pick up a $10 John to prove it. Karen O might have more stage charisma, but stage antics don't really come through on the record. And if you do want to go there, Kyle Fischer had more than enough charisma for one band, let alone one member of a band; he played everything Nick Zinner does all while jumping around like he had ants in his pants and was also on fire. Brain Chase and William Kuehn have surprisingly similar playing styles as well as blank facial expressions and, as far as drummers go, I'd be happy to see them mud wrestle to the death. Kuehn, however will have a little glint in his eye and a barely-there curl at the corners of his mouth.

This turned out to be Rainer Maria's swan song single. They never did make very good videos, but one can assume this was largely due to budget restraints. Which begs the question as to why this band never took off to the level the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have. Notice that you can still recognize the instrumentation as derived from actual instruments.

I was completely blown away with "Maps" especially that it came from a band such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who didn't really have another song that would have prepared me for how gut-wrenchingly awesome "Maps" was. I never really got into them until last year when Amber played me this song. I like to think of it as "Maps: The Sequel". Notice the awesome (and low-budget) effect when the band appears in the alley although the sounds that you hear, aren't the sounds the instruments they're playing would make in that particular setting.

Let's be fair. Both of these videos suck more than a neutron star, but were used to illustrate the mannerisms of the individuals and the wildly different budgets the bands have worked with.

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