Monday, July 19, 2010

Skinny Ankles and Long Pants

Chris Davies writes a music blog called Skinny Ankles that is head and shoulders better than this one. A while ago he posted video of Decibully (yeah, I know. This isn't a Decibully fanblog, but I can't seem to stop writing about them) preforming three stripped down versions of unreleased songs.

In bands that do a lot sonically, whether it's with layered effects or more-than-usual instrumentation, it can be interesting to hear their music stripped down to its lowest common denominator. Decibully does this wonderfully as witnessed by the video. There is one, but perfect example in the video for "Band Bang" when drummer Aaron Vold is keeping time on the bass drum and tambourine and then comes in with the jingle bells right at the end. It completely changes the feel of the song without distracting or taking away from the rest of the players. The ability to add without taking away from the rest of the band is one of the ingredients that make Decibully stand out to me as one of the American greats.

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