Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Newsboys are Night Zombies!

Are you surprised that the Newsboys are still releasing albums? Seriously, they’re like the poppy Christian version of Pete Doherty. Only, you know, a band. Tuesday will mark their first release without an original member, calling into question the validity of calling themselves the Newsboys at all. Do you know who is signing for them now? Former DC Talk-er Mike Tait. Do you know what a bad replacement he will make? Where their previous vocalists for the band both shared not only Australian accents, but this nasally buzz saw quality that, granted, might not have been appealing to everyone, but made the Newsboys sound like the Newsboys. Having Tait front the band would be on par with getting John Legend to front the Smashing Pumpkins.

Here is an example of the Newsboys ripping off the Cure in 1994 with original vocalist John James.

Here is a video with choreographed dancing the Newsboys released long after I thought anybody cared anymore in 1999. Note the use of heavy eye makeup on new vocalist Peter Furler.

And here is a crappy modern rock song featuring their new singer Michael Tait.

I understand the importance of legacy, but as Barry asks in "High Fidelity", is it better to burn out than fade away? This literally isn't the same band anymore and I'm going to preemptively question whether or not this group would sell any records if it weren't for the inherited moniker. I get that they're a "Christian" band, but that doesn't excuse the lack of integrity displayed.

For good or bad, some bands just won't go away. However, a band should consist of an original nucleus that holds the group together. Once the nucleus disappears, so should the entity that was the band lest all credibility vanishes in its place. The "Newsboys" have lost the plot.

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